Professor Peter C. Moskos
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Department of Law, Police Science, and Criminal Justice Administration



CRJ 711, “Police and Corrections,” is a masters class that continues the overview of the criminal justice system focusing on police, arrests, corrections, imprisonment, and alternatives to incarceration such as probation and parole.

Fall 2017, CRJ 711 Tuesday

PSC 401, “Seminar in Police Problems,” presents students with an in-depth look at past and current issues in policing. The focus of the class will be on discussion, analysis, and critical thinking.

SSJ 203, “Policing,” taught at LaGuardia Community College, is an introductory class examining the historical development, present organization, and multiple functions of policing.

CJBS 101, “American Criminal Justice System,” provides an overview of policing, the courts, the legal system, and crime and punishment.           


Guest Speakers: Guest speakers provide a fresh perspective on class material. These speakers came as friends and personal guests to speak about their personal experiences. They do not come as representatives of their professional organizations (unless otherwise listed). If you would like to be a guest speaker, please contact me!

• Mark A.R. Kleiman, Fall 2017. New York University.
• Michael Jacobson, Spring 2017. Former NYC Probation and Correction Commissioner.
• Dan Baum, Fall 2012. Author of Smoke and Mirrors, Nine Lives, and Gun Guys.
• Leon van Taylor, Fall 2012. Baltimore Police Officer (retired).
• Peter de Graaf, Spring 2011. Politie Amsterdam-Amstelland.
• Jennifer Wynn, Spring 2010. Author of Inside Rikers
• Brandon Del Pozo, Spring 2010. NYPD Commanding Officer, 50th Precinct.
• Diego Gambetta, Fall 2009. Author of Code of the Underworld.
• Joseph Poss, Spring 2008. Author of Brooklyn Bounce.
• Jeff Marshall, Fall 2007, Spring 2010, Fall 2013. Nassau County Detective.
• Ad Clarijs, Fall 2007. Public prosecutor. The Netherlands.
• Derrick Parker, Fall 2006. New York's one and only "hip-hop cop." Author of Notorious C.O.P.
• Barry Gibbs, Spring 2006. Framed by the "Mafia Cops," Barry Gibbs served 18 years for a murder he didn't commit.
• Steven Hughes, Spring 2006. NYPD Commanding Officer, 10th Precinct.
• Stacy Horn, Fall 2005 . Author of the The Restless Sleep: Inside New York City's Cold Case Squad.
• David Klinger, Spring 2005. Associate Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Missouri-St. Louis. Author of Into The Kill Zone: A Cop's Eye View of Deadly Force.
• Judge James Gray, Spring 2005. Superior Court Judge of Orange County California. Speaker for LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.
• Naill Featherstone, Fall 2004. An Garda Síochána, Ireland's National Police Service.

Comp Review: CRJ 793, Broken Windows